The trailer of “Emily in Paris 3” out now

Emily in Paris 3
Emily in Paris 3

The trailer for Emily in Paris 3 is Netflix publishes the first clip that anticipates what we will see in the new episodes of the tv series with Lily Collins.

After being intrigued by the first images of the new season of Emily in Paris in the past few hours, Netflix has shared the trailer that anticipates, even if only in part, what will happen in the new episodes of the series starring Lily Collins in the role of Emily Cooper, a marketing expert who is moved from New York to Paris, where she tries to rebuild her life.

Trailer of “Emily in Paris 3” from Official Channel of Netflix.

After a difficult start for the young woman in the French capital, things start to improve from working but not from a sentimental point of view; see Emily in Paris 2: the marketing expert who splits her time between the impossible love for her neighbour.

Home Gabriel, aka Lucas Bravo (struggling with a push and pull with his girlfriend Camille, played by Camille Razor ) and the interest in Alfie ( Lucien Laviscount ), with whom Emily begins a relationship that will continue into the next season.

Trailer of “Emily in Paris 3”

Despite this, in the trailer for Emily in Paris 3, whose new episodes will arrive on streaming from 21 December 2022, the central character continues to remain the one played by Lily Collins, who has arrived at a crucial crossroads in her life where she will be forced to make an ‘ important choice: will her heart lead her to Alfie or Gabriel?

A decision that will also affect Emily’s career, undecided between life in Paris or whether to choose to move to London for love.

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Inside the clip, in addition to being shown the new challenges Cooper will have to face, the new look Emily is also revealed, who in the new episodes will show off a delicious fringe.

Could this change in style mean that the girl intends to make a drastic change in her life, too, perhaps following Alfie in the UK?

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