The video of Jason Momoa in a flight to Hawaii is not to be missed

Jason Momoa

The footage of the Aquaman star Jason Momoa’s charity initiative went around the world in just a few hours

The photo with Jared Leto in Palma de Mallorca and then the selfie with Ben Affleck at Warner Bros Studios: Jason Momoa’s Instagram feed this summer is giving great satisfaction . 

The latest video posted by the 43-year-old actor continues in the same vein. 

The Aquaman star wore the steward’s shoes on a Hawaiian Airlines flight to celebrate the airline’s collaboration with her Mananalu Water, water contained in “infinitely recyclable” aluminum bottles. How? 

Jason Momoa distributed the water bottles

Jason Momoa distributed the water bottles on the flight on which he was returning home in the company of his two children born of his marriage to Lisa Bonet, Lola Iolani and Namakaeha and the video immediately went viral.

Hawaii is a dream vacation destination, but Jason Momoa has also managed to make air travel special for passengers on a flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

On July 31, the Hawaiian actor got on the plane with his children and wore the flight attendant uniform with a flower in his hair.

After a message on the intercom in which he introduced himself and told him about his project, he started distributing the aluminum bottles of Mananalu Water.

In the clip, he pushes the trolley into the corridor, smiles, grants handshakes and is filmed with joy: mission accomplished.

In this way, Momoa has managed to make passengers happy but above all to make its green message run on social media.

“Mahalo Hawaiian Airlines for allowing me and my team to capture this special moment is a dream come true,” he wrote in the caption accompanying the video.

«The idea of ​​creating Mananalu Water came to me while I was on a flight. I am grateful for your support and it is an honor to have Hawaiian Airlines as the first airline to partner with Mananalu, “continued Jason and then explained how he is moving to eliminate single-use plastics and save the planet,” for every bottle of Mananalu sold, we remove a plastic bottle from the ocean . We have removed 3 million plastic bottles from the ocean this year ”.

Jason Momoa

The actor, who after the end of his marriage with Lisa Bonet would seem to have found a smile in the arms of Eiza Gonzales , is known for his environmental commitment, which also earned him a prestigious appointment by the UN made official last 28.

jason momoa

June in Lisbon during the UN Ocean Conference: Jason Momoa was named by the United Nations the title of Special Ocean Defender .

«For me the ocean is an ancient teacher, a guide and a muse. It is also existential “, he said, not hiding pride in the position but also the renewed responsibility,” without a healthy ocean, life on our planet as we know it could not exist, with this charge, I hope to continue my journey personnel to protect and conserve the ocean and all living beings connected with our beautiful blue planet, for our generation and for generations to come ».

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