Trailer for ‘Enola Holmes 2’ is out now

Enola Holmes 2

The trailer for Enola Holmes 2, streaming on Netflix from November 4, 2022, has finally arrived. According to the first images, even this second film will not disappoint our expectations.

Stranger Things star Henry Cavill and Helena Bonham Carter reunite for a sequel to one of Netflix’s most anticipated films, coming November 4.

Trailer of Enola Homes 2 from Official YouTube Channel of Netflix

A bit like what happened in the first Enola Holmes film, this sequel will also tell the adventures of the young detective (played by Millie Bobby Brown, the same actress as Eleven in Stranger Things ) struggling with the resolution of some problematic cases in 19th century London. , as he tries to follow in the footsteps of his brother Sherlock Holmes, played by Henry Cavill.

Enola Holmes 2 will be released on November 4

If the first trailer of Enola 2 revealed that the girl has now opened her detective agency but struggles to find new cases, the new clip shows how the two Holmes find themselves working side by side supporting each other; they all permeated by that light irony that made the first film famous.

An Instagram Post from the Official Account of Enola Holmes

After discovering that opening an agency and finding new clients isn’t as easy as she thought, Enola is preparing to close her office when a penniless girl offers young Holmes her first official job: finding her missing sister.

The mission, however, proves to be much more complex and dangerous than one could have imagined.

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In addition to Brown and Cavill, in the cast of Enola Holmes 2, there will also be other pleasant returns such as those of Helena Bonham Carter in the role of Eudora (the mother of Sherlock and Enola), Susie Wokoma in those of Edith (an acquaintance of the Holmes brothers ) and Louis Partridge in Tewkesbury version. As for the new entries, however, the new additions to the cast include David Thewlis (Professor Lupine from the Harry Potter film ), Hannah Dodd (of Eternals ) and Sharon Duncan-Brewster (seen in Dune ).

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