Wakanda Forever: Trailer of sequel to Black Panther is out now

Wakanda Forever: The sequel to Black Panther
Wakanda Forever: The sequel to Black Panther

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be released on November 11, 2022. Namor and the first film’s legacy are shown in the first trailer for the Marvel film.

There was great anticipation around the release of the trailer for Wakanda Forever, the sequel to the Black Panther film, whose clip was released in the past few hours, sending Marvel fans into raptures, now more than ever eager to witness this new adventure linked to the MCU world (beware of spoilers).

Wakanda Forever, the sequel to the Black Panther film, will show how the characters in the franchise will cope with the loss of T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman, carrying on his legacy.

Official Trailer Video of Wakanda Forever from Marvel Studio

In the second chapter of Black Panther, the villain of the film, Namor (aka Tenoch Huerta), has every intention of exploiting the darkest hour of the kingdom of Wakanda, giving a hard time to those who today wear the Black Panther mask: or Shuri, whose character is played by Letitia Wright.

Wakanda Forever: The sequel to Black Panther

In the trailer of Wakanda Forever, we witness the touching funeral of T’Challa, which is attended by the mother, Ramonda ( Angela Bassett ) and her sister Shuri, who holds the helmet of the Marvel hero in their hands.

In a subsequent sequence, however, we see a new character in the role of Black Panther, who, most likely, is Shuri, who has already held that role in some comics dating back to the late 2000s.

Instagram post from the Official Account of Black Panther

Among the essential characters of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, there is undoubtedly Namor, much more than a simple villain since this is the first mutant and anti-hero of Marvel, a marine Atlantean (born with the tips of the wings at the ankles, able to swim at superhuman speeds and flying) who fought against superheroes and humans despite also collaborating with the Avengers and X-Men in his past.

The role played by Huerta is that of a powerful and terrible ruler who is ready to lead his underwater nation of Talocan in a ruthless and bloody war against Wakanda, whose kingdom has been weakened after the death of the Black Panther.

This a departure from the scene of the main character of the previous film (made necessary after the death of the actor Boseman), which has put the director of the film Ryan Coogler in a great crisis, eager to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also not to affect the memory of Chadwick, to whom Marvel fans were already very attached.

Instagram post from the Official Account of Black Panther

“I didn’t know if I could have made another Black Panther film since Boseman’s death was painful,” Coogler told Entertainment Weekly, referring to the sudden disappearance of the actor, which took place in August 2020.

“I was afraid of the beginning. Of these shots, because I could not imagine how we would have done without Chadwick “, continued Ryan, proud to have been able to say goodbye to Chadwick even within the film, also allowing the audience to say goodbye to Black Panther one last time.

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