Travis Scott replies to accusations of cheating on Kylie Jenner: “I’ve never been with this person.”

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

The rapper Travis Scott has denied the rumors that they would like him to be secretly linked to the model Rojean Kar, who has published some photos demonstrating the “dating” with Kylie’s partner.

Did Travis Scott cheat on Kylie Jenner? This is the question that circulates on social media after the rumor of a flirtation between the rapper and Rojean Kar, also known as Yung Sweeter, who, in recent days, published on Instagram a short clip made during the backstage of a music video where in the background, in the distance, Scott himself appeared.

The images immediately made the web rounds sparking rumors of a possible betrayal of Travis Scott, now accused of having a relationship with the model and influencer to whom he would be linked, on and off, since 2013.

Travis Scott replies on accusations of cheating Kylie Jenner

According to the latest news also reported by PageSix, it would have been Yung Sweetro the cause of the sudden breakup in 2019 between Travis Scott and Kylie, then returned together sometime later.

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There were severe allegations in front of which Kylie Jenner‘s partner decided to reply with determination, denying any involvement with Rogen.

“An uninvited person on set was taking photos of what was supposed to be a closed-door production while I was directing a video,” Travis Scott wrote on Instagram.

“I don’t know this person. I’ve never been with this person “, concluded the rapper, denying any kind of recent or past flirtation with Kar, to whom the 31-year-old asked to” stop with the continuous games and imaginative narration, “referring to the constant rumors ( also fueled by the model) who would like him to be linked to Rojean since 2013, four years before the beginning of the relationship between the musician and Kylie, now the mother of his two children.

The gossip related to the flirtation between Travis Scott and Rojean Kar has continued to feed over the years also due to some small clues on social media that would have shown the endless meetings between the two alleged lovers, photographed together for the last time in the short clip published in recent days.

And it was Rojean Kar who went on the counterattack after denying that she had a secret affair with Scott.

“Say you don’t know me, and you’ve never been with me when they’ve all seen us together. I have photos and videos in which you are with me, “said Yung Sweetro in a video posted in the past few hours on Instagram:” As for the video clip, I’m not going anywhere unless invited, “he added.

The model hinting not only that she was invited by Scott but also that she is familiar with Jenner’s partner, with whom she claims to have spent the day of lovers.

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“We met on Valentine’s Day. Are we pretending this didn’t happen too? Come on, let’s go. Betray that bitch every night. The whole city sees it,” concluded the model, referring to the young Kardashian, who has been entrenched behind a wall of silence for days.

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