Lana Del Rey: New York University will dedicate course to her

Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey

New York University will dedicate a course to Lana Del Rey, her music, philosophy, and aesthetics

First Taylor Swift, then Harry Styles, and now even Lana Del Rey: music lovers who want to dedicate their university studies to their favorite star are now spoiled for choice.

The Clive Davis Institute of New York University announced the new course on Lana Del Rey.

It will be titled “Topics in Recorded Music: Lana Del Rey” and aims to analyze the singer’s music, philosophy, and aesthetics.

As Dazed recounts, the course will give students two credits and analyze the figure of Del Rey in its various facets, including his complex relationship with feminism, politics, and social justice movements such as #BlackLlivesMatter, #MeToo, and #TimesUp.

Overall he will examine her musical influences and how the “Video Games” singer has interpreted contemporary pop.

“The artist introduced a sad, and elaborate version of dream pop that reinvented music’s sound. Mainstream beyond after 2010”, reads the course description, which will be held from 20 October to 12 December.

Lana Del Rey: Dedication of course at University

“Through her thematic emphasis on mental health and toxic love affairs, Del Rey has provided a unique platform for artists of all genders to create substantially ‘anti-pop’ works,” explain the course creators.

Del Rey has become an icon by embodying the spirit of her years, creating imagery that plays in a dreamlike way with the aesthetics of Hollywood’s golden age and covering it with a tragic patina with continuous references to death and love as a source of pain and depression.

“Sometimes I am afraid that my suffering may be too great / and that one day you will have to help me manage it,” wrote Del Rey in one of her poems published in a collection in 2019.

“The objective of classes at the Clive Davis Institute is to promote students to think more critically about the icons and develop a historical understanding of those artists,” the course director briefed Variety.

Jason King, “Exploring Lana Del Rey,” considers the popularity of the so-called anti-pop more critically.

It means considering the increased interest in mental health and issues related to psychological distress and evaluating the 21st-century changes in the way we think about identity, especially regarding race, gender, nation, and class. “

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