Adam Levine: Denied cheating wife, up to 5 women appeared approached by him

Adam Levine
Adam Levine

A truth that related to the secret life of Adam that animated the debate on TikTok and Instagram since the singer and his wife Behati Prinsloo (now pregnant with the third child of the pop star) had always appeared like a couple in love.

Adam Levine‘s stance is getting more and more compromising now that five women claim to have exchanged hot messages with the Maroon 5 singer, whose most faithful trait was brought to the surface in recent days when model Sumner Stroah posted a video on TikTok where he stated (and showed) some chats with the pop star.

Truth about secret life of Adam Levine

Ashley Russell, who runs an Instagram account linked to the world of fitness in the past few hours, claimed to have had a “virtual flirt” with Levine earlier this year, with the 43-year-old singer who would send her messages almost every night at around 10 pm, commenting on his posts.

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“I checked every time I published a story, he always looked at them”, told the DailyMail Russell, who, at the time, was 20 years old: “He liked them and especially commented on those where I showed the b side”, he later revealed. The girl is the fifth woman to come forward regarding the alleged betrayals of the singer of “Sunday morning”.

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“When I told him he’d get caught if he kept DMing girls like me, he stopped texting me. I think this is the real meaning of disrespect towards a woman. It makes me very sad that he is married and that he has such immature behaviour “, Ashley concluded, still sceptical in front of the many girls who are telling these days that they had an intense exchange of messages with Adam Levine, who admitted yes of having flirted with some women via social media, but also claimed to have never cheated on his wife, Behati.

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