Valentina Ferragni: Luca Vezil talks about new summer without her

"For the first time we will take separate holidays"

alentina Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni‘s brother-in-law is ready to say goodbye to Italy and his girlfriend, even if only temporarily

Luca Vezil and Valentina Ferragni will spend their first summer apart after 9 years of relationship.

The news was given on the social pages of Valentina’s partner, alongside a series of shots taken during the couple’s last vacation together in Saint Tropez, a few days after the imminent separation.

That between Valentina Ferragni and her boyfriend things are no longer going as well as they used to be?

Actually no, Luca Vezil will in fact be busy with a job that will keep him away from Italy for some time.

“About a month ago I received a job offer that not only could not refuse, but into which I decided to throw myself headlong and to which I worked in the shadows so that it could be completed, a job that will keep me out of Italy for the whole month of August starting from Tuesday », explained Valentina Ferragni ‘s boyfriend, now ready to start this new (mysterious) adventure.

Valentina Ferragni
Valentina Ferragni | Livnews24

Valentina Ferragni And Luca Vezil-

“In all this Vale has been not only my biggest supporter, but also my biggest push to accept the job I’m going to do and my biggest shoulder to prepare everything in the best possible way”, continued Luca Vezil on Instagram .

How much the companion, sister of Chiara Ferragni and Francesca Ferragni , was understanding towards him.

“For this summer we had an incredible trip planned but, faced with this opportunity, she did not flinch when I told her it would be right around the time of our vacation”, he then added before revealing that he and Valentina have given themselves away. a super romantic dinner by the sea before leaving for a month.

“We have decided to enjoy a sunset, a dinner, a special evening, I share these spectacular photos taken in five minutes while the sun was going down, the rest of the evening remains and will remain ours and will be a very beautiful memory while we will be thousands of km away. starting from the beginning of the week. I love you love, you know ».

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