As long as it works: Valentina Ferragni under new crises

Valentina Ferragni
Valentina Ferragni

Duties and honors of Valentina Ferragni being a young entrepreneur with the most famous surname in Italy. Between prejudices and first experiences, but above all, new beginnings for The New Beginning Issue, now on newsstands.

Valentina Ferragni is an influencer with 4 million followers as an entrepreneur.

When Chiara begins to take her first photos in her bedroom in Cremona, she is the one who takes five years younger, the third child born premature and therefore constantly protected, shy in the face of the alliance of the two older sisters.

Then come the wings. And they are the ones she buys online for Carnival after seeing Romeo + Juliet at the cinema, but also those of a small plane that decides to get a tattoo on the right wrist at the age of 19.

She is constantly attracted between two opposite poles: the stubborn desire to launch and the fear of falling.

“I like to have everything under control – she admits – but often when I don’t feel up to it, I look at myself and say to myself: try it.”

is how her jewelry brand was born, and her new life as an entrepreneur was imagined on a post-it note and became her professional choice two years ago with more awareness.

A company made up of only under the 30s, which cares about made in Italy and craftsmanship̀:

“Partly yes, partly no. Certainly seeing her path was beautiful, seeing where she started from and where she arrived was a huge adrenaline rush. I was cheering for her but when it was my turn, when still every now and then I don’t feel up to par or I feel insecure, Chiara gives me back the same trust that I gave her many years ago too. She too occasionally feels fear, she too occasionally feels like a fish out of water. We all have the anxiety of changes and new things, it is rather human.”

When we look at all these social profiles made of swimming pools and beautiful lives, however, it seems more like being in an Emanuel Carrere novel, Lives that are not mine.

“I know I’m lucky but many of my peers, even friends, who have studied, are committed to their careers, do not know what their future will be. Trying to change things is what unites us, doing everything to improve. The thrust of our dreams is the driving force that unites us, despite everything ».

Valentina Ferragni, an Italian Kardashians

“I felt honor, because when I left with my company I invested all my savings, it was not an easy time because we were in lockdown. Uali’s first drawing, my earring, we did on a post-it in a room that we then framed. And now, the idea that my products are chosen by so many girls affects me. I am aware of everything I have done, looking at the photos on the phone, they help me to remember and appreciate the goals achieved.”

Use of smartphone by Valentina Ferragni

“An average of nine hours a day but I use it mostly for work, I have a fairly healthy relationship with my cell phone. There are days when I only exchange messages on WhatsApp.”

Childhood of Valentina Ferragni:

“Very different from what it is today. I was very shy, very afraid of life. I saw my very big sisters doing some sports together, going to the pool, sharing a lot, I stubbornly tried to imitate them. I certainly felt more alone, then during a trip to Egypt everything changed. As a teenager I was lucky enough to hang out with a company that always made me feel in the right place at the right time. There was the classic phase of rebellion against my parents and my sisters, who always made fun of me. But I lived in the provinces, an all-female school, I only lived anxiously about school performance.”

In another question about the performance of society she replied; “In the past I suffered a lot from wanting to always do more, be more, aim for the best. Then I also learned to accept myself and my limitations and to pat myself on the back to tell me that what I do is enough. Works. All right. From this point of view I have perhaps only matured. I am five years younger than Chiara, we have two different lives and what she is will not be me, what I am will not be her but in the past people often tended to compare us and I felt bad. The point is that you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself. And as far as I’m concerned, I certainly still have to learn to enjoy the results achieved.”

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