Valerio Mastandrea, the “fourth king of Rome” after 30 years of career still dominates

Valerio Mastandrea

Capitoline actor with unquestionable talent, Valerio Mastandrea after 30 years of career still dominates the Italian scene – with films like Diabolik or TV series like Strappare along the edges.

If we think of a Roman actor among the most skilled of today, the name of Valerio Mastandrea certainly comes to mind .

Raised (professionally speaking) in independent cinema and among the largest theaters in Italy, he began his career in the 90s , imposing himself with his playful way of doing , his brilliant mind and a very special sex appeal that he possesses.

The fourth king of Rome , as they call him in the environment, happened on TV almost by chance, on that day in Maurizio Costanzo ‘s living room .

Roman and witty, he was able to create a character for himself in no time at all.

And today, after 30 years , for all of us he is still the Valerio of all time.

Let’s get to know this pearl of Italian cinema better, through the films of Valerio Mastandrea.

The beginnings

In the 90s Valerio begins to get his first roles in the cinema.

He begins with Thieves of cinema alongside Neri Marcoré and similar roles.

He gets more visibility with Palermo-Milan one way , where he shares the set with those who will become as big as him: Raoul Bova and Ricky Memphis , to name a couple.

But if we really want to be honest, it was the film Artichokes will grow in Mimongo that made Valerio’s career take off .

This independent film has become famous thanks to word of mouth, and to the character of Valerio: a nice “beef” over the top.

All this brings Mastandrea to the first Grollad’oro and the Golden Leopard as Best Actor, obtained thanks to the film Tutti basso per terra .

The star of Valerio shines like never before.

Not just movies: success in the theater

In the heart of the capital, Valerio interprets a successful three-dimensional Rugantino .

He is with Sabrina Ferilli and Maurizio Mattioli, in 253 performances.

Valerio has been able to take up the baton of all the big names who have measured themselves with this role, including Nino Manfredi.

And he does it so well that he wins fame, and returns to auteur cinema.

He will return later, in the role of author , alongside Vera Gemma.

Valerio Mastandrea and music

Perhaps not everyone knows that Valerio took part in several video clips of the time.

First of all those of the Tiromancino , a successful band in the early 2000s .

But not only that: he is alongside Er Piotta in his Supercafone , where he puts himself in the shoes of a Roman convict.

The roles

Eclectic and spontaneous, Valerio is one of those actors who looks good where you put him.

In the role of the Roman he is impeccable, as well as in the role of the tough guy .

Super believable as a suburban boy struggling with a difficult life.

But let’s not forget also his comic streak about him, the same one that allowed him to get to where he is now.

Recent movies

In recent years Mastandrea has taken part in several projects, including N – Io e Napoleone by Paolo Virzì , Il caimano, Non pensarci, All life ahead .

He also works with Ferzan Ozpetek in A perfect day , and alongside his ex Paola Cortellesi in Giulia does not go out in the evening .

Again with Virzì he is in La prima cosa bella , a touching family drama that sees him as the protagonist (he wins a David di Donatello ).

We still find him with Favino in Romanzo di una massacre, with Toni Servillo in Viva la liberty(which brings him another David), and in many independent and non-independent films.

Surely you have recognized him in Perfect Strangers , and in The place , now on Netflix. Lately he has stepped into the role of Inspector Ginko for the film Diabolik .

Valerio Mastandrea is the wisest and friendliest armadillo

A collaboration between Valerio Mastandrea and Zerocalcare has given sweet and juicy fruits: we are talking about the Netflix series Strappare along the edges , written and voiced by Zerocalcare.

And a magnificent Valerio Mastandrea, who lent his voice to the conscience of the protagonist, a wise but cynical Armadillo , hard but fair, severe but extremely nice.

The success of the series and the great success achieved are also due to the talent of Mastandrea, who has once again been confirmed as skilled and full of surprises.

Valerio Mastandrea today

His latest cinematic “effort” is the second chapter of Diabolik , a saga that will end in 2023.

Here she acts alongside Luca Marinelli and Monica Bellucci , among others.

In this film Valerio Mastandrea plays Ginko , Diabolik ‘s nemesis detective .

For his skill, Valerio received a nomination for the David di Donatello (it would be the umpteenth of his long career) for Best Supporting Actor.

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