Vania Bludau in relationship with, a new heart-throb, Eddy Homez

Vania Bludau
Vania Bludau

Vania Bludau is once again a topic of conversation after “Love and Fire” released the images of the model with a Eddy Homez, who works as the financial director of Instasize, a famous application for editing photos.

This Wednesday, September 7, the program ‘Amor y Fuego‘ released some images that would confirm Vania Bludau‘s romantic relationship with a new heartthrob.

And it is that the magazine led by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter spread several images of them enjoying moments together during their stay in the United States.

As it is recalled, the model’s last sentimental partner was Mario Irivarren, with whom he ended up controversially several months ago, since his breakup was involved in a scandal of physical and psychological violence.

Everything seems to indicate that this episode is in the past for the former reality girl and now she is giving herself a new chance at love.

Vania Bludau with Eddy Homez at concert in Miami

The rumors began when Vania Bludau published a video in the stories on her Instagram account at the Bad Bunny concert in the city of Miami.

What caught her attention the most were the hands that held her waist.

This caused the television space to investigate the identity of the mysterious man.

Eddy Homez is the name of the businessman who would be conquering the heart of the Peruvian.

As seen on his social media profile, he is the CFO of a photo editing app.

Both have been “followed” on Instagram and a photo of the two on the stairs of a shopping center would confirm that they do know each other.

Until now, Vania Bludau has not commented on the matter, since she has not confirmed or denied that she is dating someone.

Let us remember that the influencer lived in North American lands before being lovingly linked with Irivarren; However, she left everything abroad to return to her native country and be with hers in love with her, but she left Peru again after the controversy that caused her breakup with him.

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Since they ended their love relationship, Vania Bludau made it clear that her ex-partner was an aggressive person and even confessed to the producer of “Magaly TV La Firme” that Mario hanged her after a heated discussion in a nightclub in the south.

Immediately, Irivarren came out in ‘Amor y Fuego‘ to admit that he does have anger problems and that he apologized to who was the woman of his life at the time.

However, he stressed that he grabbed her neck in an attempt to keep her from leaving the event upset, not to attack her as she had claimed.

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When everything seemed to have been forgotten, Vania continued to attack her ex-partner, taking out a WhatsApp chat in which the ex-combatant assured her that he would lose his job if he confessed that he attacked her.

In his defense, Mario assured us that he was referring to the discussions, not punches or kicks.

He was not far behind either and published Vania’s conversations, where she admitted having assaulted him twice during their romance.

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After the evidence presented, the Peruvian preferred not to make statements on television programs, but she did take advantage of a large number of her followers on networks to attack her ex-partner.

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