Venice Film Festival :’Don’t worry Darling’s Premiere and climate of tension

Venice Film Festival 'Dont' Worry Darling' Premier
Venice Film Festival 'Dont' Worry Darling' Premier

Venice Film Festival :The film directed by Olivia Wilde, and starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, was the center of several controversies, due to the bad relationship between the actress and the director on the set.

In recent weeks, the film ‘Don’t worry darling‘ made headlines for various reasons that were not necessarily related to its quality.

Now, at the presentation of the feature film at the Venice Film Festival, it became clear that the situation between the two is far from improving.

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Harry Styles , Olivia Wilde

At the end of the first performance of ‘Don’t worry darling‘, the film received a four-minute ovation, a mark that many specialists interpret as relatively lukewarm, compared to other feature films that received applause that lasted for several more minutes.

But the fact that caught the most attention, based on what can be seen in videos circulating on the Internet, is Pugh‘s distant attitude.

As the cast greets and thanks the audience for their response, and actor Nick Kroll invites Pugh to applaud, she thanks Wilde, who is only a few meters away, without ever meeting the eye.

The actress’s indifference is an unmistakable sign of the tension between the two women, and while Wilde does join in the cheering, Florence makes no gesture that could be interpreted as approaching the director.

Florence is such a powerhouse, and we are so grateful that she can come out tonight to share with us, even though she is in the middle of production on the movie Dune. As a director, I understand how troublesome it is to lose a performer even for a day, so I am very thankful to her and Denis Villeneuve for supporting us. We are delighted to be able to celebrate her work tonight. I cannot express that I am glorified sufficiently to have her as the protagonist, she is amazing in the film.”

She responded, remarking that the absence of her coworker was due to work problems, and had zero to do with a clash between two.

The beginning of the tensions between Pugh and Wilde came to light in late July. The versions of a discussion and subsequent estrangement of the actress from whoever was her director in the film arose, in the first instance, when Pugh did not advertise the feature film on her networks, as she usually does with other projects.

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Venice Film Festival : Criticism on Olivia Wilde‘s ‘Don’t worry darling

Critical reception for Olivia Wilde‘s upcoming sci-fi thriller, which stars Styles opposite Florence Pugh, has ranged from average to poor, while the social media frenzy surrounding it has been captivating.

While Pugh‘s performance has received praise, Styles‘ performance as Jack has been labeled everything from “robotic” to “unfunny.”

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“Styles lacks charisma,” writes Geoffrey Macnab for The Independent in his three-star review.
Macnab’s sentiment is shared by several critics, none more so than Marlow Stern for The Daily Beast, who writes, “Styles has trouble matching [Pugh‘s] sweeping intensity.

Similarly, Steph Green writes for the BBC that Styles “doesn’t feel quite up to the material here, with a lackluster delivery of lines and a lack of contrast that makes his two-handed scenes with Pugh slump.”.

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