Víctor Janeiro: Jesulín de Ubrique’s brother signs for Telecinco

Víctor Janeiro

Víctor Janeiro, brother of Jesulín de Ubrique, will compete with Pipi Estrada, Mónica Hoyos and Gloria Camila Ortega, among others

Víctor Janeiro signs for Telecinco and will compete with Pipi Estrada, Mónica Hoyos and Gloria Camila Ortega, among others.

There is less and less left for the premiere of the new Telecinco reality show .

This is ‘ Nightmare in paradise‘ , a contest very similar to ‘The Farm’ that was broadcast in the past.

It will be on August 29 when the broadcasts of a space that will be presented by Lara Álvarez and Carlos Sobera begin and that will take place in the Sierra de Cádiz

And as the date approaches, Telecinco has begun to reveal the names of those who will participate in this new reality show.

In addition, they do it with intrigue, presenting clues to the audience about the characters while waiting for the viewers to guess.

Telecinco continues to announce the contestants of ‘Nightmare in paradise’

So far four of them are known. Pipi Estrada was the first contestant to be officially confirmed.

And later it became known about Mónica Hoyos, Omar Sánchez and Gloria Camila Ortega .

A list to which Víctor Janeiro, the brother of Jesulín de Ubrique , will be added .

He will be the fifth of the 16 contestants who will participate in the new Telecinco program. “These are just some of the destinations he has visited: Gran Canaria, Saldaña, New York, Ronda and Madrid ”, is the clue that was published on social networks, leading the audience to point out names like Xavier Font and Nacho Polo .

Víctor Janeiro is the fifth contestant on the new Telecinco reality show

However, according to ‘Algo pasa’, the fifth signing of ‘ Nightmare in paradise ‘ is Víctor Janeiro .

The brother of the bullfighter and former brother-in-law of Belén Esteban will join the group of people who will spend several weeks without some of the basic resources of the 21st century, such as water or electricity.

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