Victoria Beckham is not even talking to her new daughter-in-law, billionaire Nicola Peltz

victoria beckham

Will Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s relationship be fixed? We will remain vigilant.

This has been a year of change for the Beckham family.

But, particularly the summer, it has not been the best for them.

It seems that most of the members have had something happen to them.

And among so many discomforts are those of Victoria Beckham that have transcended to a greater extent.

Her relationship with Brooklyn has weakened and, thanks to information from the specialized media, it is known that it is because of Nicola Peltz .

Consequently, the designer does not talk to her new daughter- in-law about her.

A few months ago, Victoria Beckham ‘s firstborn , Brooklyn, married billionaire Nicola Peltz.

Contrary to what was believed, this union did not bring families closer together.

In recent days it became known that the son of the former soccer player made his mother angry after having damaged a job opportunity that she got for him.

At that time, it was learned that it was the Peltz who advised him against that job and told him how to carry his mark.

This time, it came to light that the break between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law came from before, that this last event would be one of many.

According to a statement made by a family member to Page Six , ” They can’t stand each other and they don’t talk to each other, all the events leading up to the wedding were awful.”

In addition to that, this incognito witness revealed that Peltz did not let the former Spice Girl be part of the organization of the wedding.

In fact, he didn’t tell her anything about the event and they had little interaction.

The conflict escalated when the Victoria Beckham arrived on the day of the wedding to discover that only relatives of the bride were at the head table.

While they stayed at any table.

Nicola Peltz’s alleged message to Victoria Beckham on social media

What would celebrities do if social media didn’t exist?

What other space would allow them to pour out their annoyances, concerns, content, struggles, and more?

It should also be noted that for mortals there is a type of subtle and unequivocal language, one capable of demonstrating more than what is believed.

A clear example is that, before the wedding, the Victoria Beckham and the businesswoman exchanged comments and likes.

And since she married her son, she hasn’t given him a single like.

Thus, for the expert interpreters of this modern language, the above means that something is not going well between them.

victoria beckham
victoria-beckham-Nicola Peltz-Fued | LivNews24

This theory can be further confirmed by Nicola ‘s post .

On her profile, the Brooklyn woman posted some photos where she appears crying.

With a lost look and a sad expression on her face, accompanied by a close up of her red eyes that makes it clear that she is having a hard time.

“Sometimes I find it difficult to show the sad parts of myself. Growing up with seven brothers and two very strong parents made me tough,” said the young woman.

She assured that because of this, she does not let anyone make her feel ashamed or belittle her .

Many have pointed out that the entire message is a reference to the battle that she currently has with her partner’s mother.

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