Victoria De Angelis suffers from Fomo now

Victoria De Angelis

“I’m always afraid of missing something.” Victoria De Angelis stated.

Victoria De Angelis is not at home. She made it clear in a recent interview with Radio Deejay: the Maneskin bassist is in perpetual motion, and she always finds things to do.

“Even if I’m exhausted, I have to go out by force,” she said, “otherwise, I’m afraid of missing something.”

Fomo, fear of missing out, is one of the modern evils that we all agree on. If we are at home on the sofa, immediately on Instagram, we see a story of the party we had to go to, and it seems, of course, the most beautiful ever.

“I have the most destructive Fomo in the world,” Victoria De Angelis said.

Victoria De Angelis suffers from severe Fomo

Maneskin, who recently released their new single, “The Loneliest,” were guests on the radio and guitarist Thomas Raggi said he ended up at Madonna’s house in New York.

Not even on purpose, that very evening, Victoria De Angelis had decided to stay at the hotel because she was tired.

“At two o’clock, I get a message:” I’m at Madonna’s house,” said De Angelis, laughing.

Thomas explained that he found himself at the pop queen’s house because of mutual acquaintances.

“I felt a bit like an intruder at first,” he said, “but then they told me she was a super fan of ours, so I talked to her a bit.”

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With the Fomo, the same rule always applies: we feel we have to respond to expectations, accumulate experiences as trophies and have more and more stories to tell.

The risk, in our head, is to be left behind while others move forward. Of course, there is Fomo and Fomo.

They say that one solution is to be very sure of your choices, to be in contact with ourselves to know what we want: that way, you can’t go wrong, even if you say “no.”

“I’m making lists of cities I haven’t seen, planes I haven’t taken, and hours saved,” said the educator and designer Liz Danzico years ago, when Fomo was still in its infancy, “a few months later, I realize that I have done something better.” In the case of an evening with Madonna, perhaps it does not apply.

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