Wanda Nara with Mauro Icardi in Maldives: They are back together now

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi together in Maldives

After the official farewell, Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi would be back together, and now they would celebrate their second honeymoon.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi are back together. A few days after the interview given by Wanda Nara to Verissimo, where she revealed that she had already signed the divorce papers from Mauro Icardi, the couple flew to the Maldives for a reconciliatory holiday which officially sanctions the flashback.

Confirming the rapprochement this time are not the shots stolen by the paparazzi, but photos and videos that Icardi and Wanda Nara are publishing these days on Instagram, thus revealing that they are in the same place, but taking care not to immortalize themselves together, happy and in love like in the old days.

Reconciliation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

“The official reconciliation took place in the Maldives,” said the Argentine reporter Cora Debarbieri, leaving no doubt about the bond that still binds the two ex-spouses today.

“The rapprochement between Wanda and Icardi? I want the happiness of my sister, of the family, of the children, of Mauro”, commented Wanda Nara’s sister, Zaira, to Intruders, saying she was more than hopeful for a definitive reconciliation.

The flashback between Nara and Icardi comes in a completely unexpected way, especially given the statements made by the 35-year-old during a recent interview with Corriere Della Sera, to which Wanda had stated that she no longer wanted to return with the Galatasaray footballer as their problems would always be there waiting for her.

“He tries to win me back every two for three; the other day, he came to pick me up at the airport with a car full of flowers, then he took me out to dinner and told me: “I’m not giving up.

“Very well, but I already know that if we get back together and I mention a new job offer in two months, we’ll be back to square one. She met my father, and she stopped. And I, in 2022, cannot allow history to repeat itself “, said the model and football agent, still unaware that a few days later, she would leave for the Maldives together with her ex-partner, who, via social media, replied as follows to those who asked him about this sudden romantic getaway with his ex-wife.

“The Maldives is one of our favorite places in the world to rest, disconnect from the routine, and recharge your batteries,” said Mauro Icardi on Instagram before concluding with a revealer: “I have everything that gives me happiness. I’m lucky and satisfied.”

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