Weather: There will be thunderstorms and hail again this week now

An umbrella should always be in your pocket this week. - keystone

The weather for the beginning of the week is changeable. Rain, thunderstorms and hail, but also lots of sun at the weekend are to be expected.

The essentials in brief
•	The weather in the beginning of the week is very changeable.
•	Heavy rain and hail are expected on Monday.
•	For the weekend, however, the weather should be mostly sunny and dry.

After the stormy week things continue in a similar way: In the last days of June it can again rain heavily and thunderstorms. However, sunny periods are also expected again and again.

Monday begins mostly cloudy. In the eastern Mittelland and in Graubünden, the SRF meteorologists expect sunny weather until noon.

But then the clouds from the west also reach these parts of the north side of the Alps. 

Heavy rain, gusts of wind and hail must be expected locally, with temperatures reaching up to 26 degrees.

In Ticino, the new week begins friendlier: Despite some clouds, the sun is showing up at up to 30 degrees.

The clouds are denser in northern Ticino, and rain is to be expected. Showers and thunderstorms are expected in the southern canton on Tuesday. 

But there are also short sunny and dry phases with up to 26 degrees.

On the north side of the Alps it will be mostly cloudy and rainy on Tuesday. 

In the Alps the sun shows up at times, but thunderstorms are possible. 

A weak bise is blowing on the central plateau, temperatures are between 20 and 22 degrees.

The weather will improve again on Wednesday: In German-speaking Switzerland it will be partly sunny, partly with cumulus clouds. In Romandie, on the other hand, the sun shines most of the time. 

The temperatures are a little more pleasant again with 24 to 26 degrees.

In central and southern Ticino it is mostly sunny with up to 29 degrees. 

There will be local showers in the mountains.

Summery weather expected for the weekend

Sunny and warm weather up to 30 degrees is also forecast for Thursday.

Some cumulus clouds, downpours and thunderstorms are expected in the mountains. 

On Friday it will rain heavily at times, with a cooler 22 degrees.

The meteorologists expect a summery and mostly dry weekend.

Temperatures of 25 to 28 degrees are expected on the north side of the Alps, and up to 30 degrees in the south.

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