Who is Selena Gomez’s new boyfriend, on vacation with her in Positano?

Selena Gomez

Could the singer Selena Gomez’s new love be Italian?

After putting a stop (for several years now) to the relationship with Justin Bieber and the rumors that they wanted her to grapple with a secret affair with Chris Evans , Selena Gomez may have found a new boyfriend .

The singer and actress star of the TV series Only murders in the building was in fact pinched off Positano aboard a yacht together with a small group of friends among which the Italian-Canadian film producer Andrea Iervolino stood out , alongside whom Selena she appeared particularly happy and radiant, triggering the gossip that she would like her to be engaged again after a long period of singleness.

Selena Gomez and Andrea Iervolino 

Selena Gomez and Andrea Iervolino were intercepted while taking a dip in the blue waters of Positano, and then continue to remain glued from lunch to dinner where the two have not strayed from each other for the entire evening.

Could the film producer be the great love that the 30-year-old who, in the course of some interviews, had said she was ready to have a man in her life for some time? 

Who knows, what we know for the moment is that the alleged new couple met in 2016, when Iervolino produced the film with Selena The Dubious Battle , with which he established a relationship that continues today and which, according to many, could to have resulted in that love desired by Gomez.

During her last appearance on Saturday night live , in fact, the singer of ” Kill em with kindness ” had joked about her status as a single that had lasted for several years by saying she was willing to (almost) everything for true love. 

“I don’t want to try dating apps but I want love,” said Selena Gomez

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