Dukes of Sussex : Will Archie and Lilibet from arrive in England to reunite with their parents?

Dukes of Sussex , Prince Harry
Dukes of Sussex : Will Archie and Lilibet with Prince Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan’s children remained in America with their maternal grandmother, Doria Ragland, while the Dukes of Sussexes await Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in the UK.

A few days after the solemn funeral of Queen Elizabeth, who passed away at Balmoral Castle on 8 September, there was a lot of discussion about the organization of the event, mammoth as only the funeral of a sovereign like Elizabeth II can be. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

While London prepares to welcome millions of the monarch’s loyalists and dozens of political figures from around the world to pay homage to her, the royal chronicles do not skimp on gossip and indiscretions on the various members of the royal family involved in this period of mourning and preparation.

In particular, the Dukes of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle attract the most attention.

The exit in Windsor of Harry and Meghan with their brothers-in-law Kate and William, who became princes of Wales after the ascension to the throne of King Charles III, generated a series of opinions and assumptions not only about their relationship but also about the position that should have the Dukes of Sussex, who have no longer been working royals since 2020, in the course of the official celebrations for the Queen’s death.

Harry and Meghan were only supposed to stay in the UK for a few days after doing their philanthropic work between Germany and England.

Archie and Lilibet: Dukes of Sussex stayed in America

Their sons Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, remained in California, well looked after by maternal grandmother Doria Ragland: the Telegraph’s royal commentators, however, have made it known that the children, who have never been too far from their parents, could join them in the UK to participate, even if not in presence because they are too small, in the tributes to their great-grandmother.

Harry and Meghan’s children recently visited the UK and met Queen Elizabeth during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022.

Also, on that occasion, it ignited gossip about the ties between the prince.

Harry has said goodbye to his royal duties and started a new life as a private citizen in the United States with his long-time wife Megan and the royal family.

And before the Dukes of Sussexes arrived in England, they confirmed that Prince William would not have wanted to meet his brother on the eve of Elizabeth’s death.

For fear of seeing private details and personal conversations between relatives published in his biography in December, black and white.

Fate wanted Harry to be home at the time of his family’s greatest need and pain: the decision to stay in England until the funeral was driven, inevitably, by the need to make a common front to show unity, beyond any feud, in such an important moment for the monarchy, not only from a family point of view but also from an institutional point of view.

It remains to be seen whether the children will indeed arrive in the UK to be reunited with their parents.

Harry and Meghan are unlikely to show them to the public, jealous of their privacy.

On the other hand, this is precisely one of the reasons that prompted the Dukes of Sussexes to move to America: Prince Harry has always said that Kensington Palace and, in general, the life of a prince has always represented for him a limit to the will to live a free and without constraints.

At the birth of his children, she reduced their public exposure, no longer allowing journalists to publish paparazzi or stolen photos and guaranteeing Archie and Lilibet a life as private citizens, albeit full of privileges.

Children are also at the center of another issue: a few days after King Charles’ ascension, the new order of succession was published on the throne, and the children of Harry and Meghan were presented with the title of master, therefore as private citizens and without a royal title.

In reality, as the historical royal decrees say, the grandchildren of a sovereign are automatically princes; therefore, in theory, this is what we should call the little Dukes of Sussexes.

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