Will Smith tries to return to social networks with a video as strange as it is funny

Will Smith

The actor wants to put the Oscar slap incident behind him and continue his public profile as before.

After months missing and a video of apology for the slap incident at this year’s Oscars , actor Will Smith is looking forward to returning to the status of Hollywood star that he has always had and for that, today, he must also return to social networks.

A step that the actor has taken with a video as strange as it is funny.

Will Smith tries to return to social networks

In his first Instagram post since the Oscars, which makes no reference to the slap incident, Smith posted a hilarious video of a small monkey trying to get the attention of a massive silverback gorilla.

When he gets it, the gorilla runs after him.

A situation that the actor has described as “me trying to return to social networks.”

Of course, the post has had a great impact and has already accumulated more than 1.6 million views , in addition, it has served for other artists to publicly show their support for Smith.

Like the singer Justin Bieber who has written in the same publication: “We missed you.”

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber | LivNews24

After seeing how well this first post “back on social media” has worked for him, Smith has shared another hilarious video in which he and his eldest son, Trey Smith, hunt down a huge spider that had snuck into their bedroom hotel.

Small steps with which Will Smith is trying to leave behind an incident that has cost him his profile as a “calm and always kind” actor , in addition to the possibility of attending the Oscars for a decade.

Of course, Smith may continue to be nominated by the Academy, which could make Apple finally unlock his new movie.

For from the moment it was announced, Emancipation , Smith’s new film directed by Antoine Fuqua, became “a serious Oscar contender”; However, Apple had blocked its premiere after the smack waiting to see if the actor managed to clean his image of him.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars
Will Smith | LivNews24

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