This is how it is to work with Bad Bunny in the world of cinema

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny couldn’t believe he was performing alongside Brad Pitt in Hollywood!

A few years ago it was almost impossible to think that an Oscar winner would share roles with a reggaeton singer.

However, Bad Bunny has made it possible.

The most successful exponent of the urban genre in recent years has managed to transcend as an artist by venturing into the world of cinema in the company of Brad Pitt .

Recently, the actor from ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ recounted how his experience had been working with Bad Bunny on film sets in an interview with ‘Despierta América’.

After having surprised their fans by appearing at WWE’s biggest event, ‘Wrestlemania’, in its thirty-seventh edition, the followers of the ‘ bad rabbit’ have been even more impressed to learn that their musical idol would be the new enemy of Brad Pitt in his latest film project called ‘ Bullet Train’ , directed by David Leitch.

For Pitt, the performance of Benito Martínez Ocasio, Bad Bunny’s real name, was truly incredible.

” Bad Bunny… he goes for everything, he doesn’t doubt things!” Brad assured in the interview.In the trailer for the film, Bad Bunny can be seen playing ‘Wolf’, the villain of the film who tries to seize, at all costs, a briefcase that is being searched by several people, including ‘Ladybug’, the name of the character played by Pitt, who will do everything possible to recover the briefcase so that it does not fall into enemy hands.

In the conversation, Pitt adds that the Puerto Rican did not limit himself when it came to performing the scenes and that he had a lot of fun filming with him.

“ When he threw me into the sea and stabbed me in the scene, he didn’t think about it at all, everything was very realistic !” Brad expressed, while he smiled broadly as he recalled some of the anecdotes from the filming.

“That’s how the scenes are designed.

They are very funny and like the rest of the cast, we all enjoy them and I think that is what stands out the most , ”he indicated, showing that it was really easy to create a bond with Benito during the months they were working together.

In the middle of the interview, the Oscar-winning actor confessed that, although he does not know the lyrics of any of his new colleague’s songs, he could recognize them anywhere and could even ‘dance’ some of his songs, or at least he would try move your head to the rhythm of the music.

Bad Bunny couldn’t believe he was performing alongside Brad Pitt in Hollywood!

The reggaeton singer, who has been one of the most successful singers in recent years by leading the world rankings for two consecutive albums, could not believe that he was participating in a movie with one of the most famous and award-winning actors in Hollywood.

In an interview with ‘GQ’,Bad Bunny told how he had felt during the first days of recording .

“Brad Pitt was all fire.

Sometimes during filming they would yell ‘Cut!’ and I thought: ‘What the hell! I’m here with Brad Pitt’ ”, recalled the Puerto Rican.

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