Reason behind the wrecked story of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis now

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde and the messages for Harry Styles read by Jason Sudeikis wrecked their story. From the accusations made by the ex-couple’s nanny to the joint statement written by Olivia and Jason.

The alleged “triangle” between Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles, and Jason Sudeikis is back in great relevance.

Almost two years after the start of the relationship between Olivia and Harry, the gossip seems not to want to take their eyes off this couple as well as from Sudeikis, continuing to dig into the way the story between the former actress of The OC. and the Ted Lasso star would come to an end.

In recent months the news of the new love between the actress and the singer of “As it was” has certainly not been lacking, making us discover more and more anecdotes about the relationship between the two celebs, who met on the set of Don’t worry darling.

“Triangle” between Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles, and Jason Sudeikis is back in trends

The love at first sight between Wilde and Styles would have taken by surprise not only those directly involved but also Florence Pugh, who would have felt very embarrassed during the filming of DWD (source PageSix ) due to the continuous proximity between the two actors, especially when Sudeikis arrived on set to surprise Olivia by bringing their two children (Otis and Daisy Josephine) with her.

However, Wilde has categorically denied a version of the facts, confirming the ever-growing love for Harry to convince her to leave Los Angeles to move to London, where she will live with her new partner and the children.

Although the story between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde is booming, and Jason is now out of the love life of the Dr. House actress, in the last few hours, the “triangle” between the three celebs is back in trend after the nanny who previously treated Otis and Daisy told her version of events regarding the breakup between the 38-year-old actress and her ex-boyfriend.

According to the woman’s telling the Daily Mail: “At first Jason thought it was a passing story.

On Monday morning of November 9th, when I returned from a free weekend, he cried, saying: “He has left us. He left us!” The nanny communicated that he does not work for the Sudeikis family now.

The actor of Ted Lasso on that occasion would have been shocked to have “discovered all the details of the relationship of the partner with Styles by reading their messages on an Apple Watch that Wilde had forgotten,” continued the woman, revealing how from that moment onwards the 47-year-old actor would have prevented her from listening to Harry’s songs at home who, according to his words, would have taken the first step with Olivia.

The first kiss would come during one of the dinners organized with the cast of Don’t worry darling before filming began in Palm Springs.

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“She was supposed to go out one night to see Harry: Jason came out and lay down under her car to keep her from leaving. She had to go back. Jason admitted that he did it to make her late for the appointment, “continued the former employee of Wilde and Sudeikis:” When the photos of Olivia hand in hand with Harry were published, Jason collapsed. “

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“As parents, it is quite incredible to understand that a former nanny has chosen to make such false and vulgar indictments about us publicly,” the two actors began in their message posted on People. ”

We will continue to focus on the growth and protection of our children with the sincere hope that she now decides to leave our family in peace,” concluded Olivia and Jason.

However, they have taken different paths; they are more than ever convinced that they want to protect. And defend their two children (together).

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