YouTube’s short video service attracts 1.5 billion users

According to its own statements, YouTube has caught up with its competitor TikTok when it comes to short videos. Youtube Shorts has more than 1.5 billion users in one month.

The essentials in brief-
•	YouTube is catching up with competitor TikTok in terms of user numbers.
•	Shorts has over 1.5 billion users per month.

Youtube’s short video service Shorts has caught up with the competition just under a year after its launch.

Youtube shorts:

As the video service announced on Wednesday, more than 1.5 billion users per month now use the offer with videos with a maximum length of 60 seconds.

“Shorts have really caught on,” said product manager Neal Mohan.

TikTok, which is owned by China-based ByteDance, had popularized the short clips around the world.

A tweet from HINDUSTAN TIMES TECH on 1.5 Billion Active User mark.

The service surpassed the one billion user mark last year. 

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In response to its success , both Youtube mother Alphabet and Meta’s image platform Instagram jumped on the trend with short videos.

The business models of the various platforms are becoming more and more similar. 

For example, TikTok now allows its users to upload videos of up to ten minutes in length. 

The platform also only recently started selling advertising space. 

Meta and Alphabet have dominated the field for years.

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