Yulen Pereira, fooling around in a VIP booth, Anabel Pantoja sees him and goes for him: huge anger in Cádiz

Yulen Pereira

The relationship between Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira could be based on the interest of the former survivor

Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira enjoyed a very torrid reunion when she returned from Honduras after passing through ‘ Survivors ‘ .

The couple started a relationship during the contest and, after several doubts about whether they would continue their romance when they returned to Spain, they made it clear that it would be so.

However, all that glitters in the relationship may not be gold.

Fights, jealousy and deception.

After going through the set of ” Survivors” and having a conversation with her ex-boyfriend Omar Sánchez for half an hour in a dressing room, Anabel went to an apartment she had rented in the center of Madrid to meet her friends and Yulen Pereira .

After the party, the pantojita and the former fencer spent two days in which they gave free rein to her love.

“I couldn’t even walk”, Anabel would have written to a tertuliana from ‘ Sálvame’ .

After those two romantic days, they parted ways.

She went to Cantora to celebrate her aunt’s 66th birthday.

But last week they met again at the Puro Latino reggaeton festival in Puerto de Santa María , in Cádiz , where they were once again very much in love.

However, the night took a turn for the worse.

Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira, fight for jealousy in Cádiz

As Rafa Mora explained last Friday, Anabel and Yulen Pereira shared a VIP booth with Alejandro Nieto and Tania Medina, who were partners in ‘ Survivors’ , where the talk show host from Telecinco and Pereira boasted of passion.

“Anabel and Yulen Pereira are dancing, there is a moment when he is holding on to her. They were in a box”, began Rafa Mora .

“But for a moment Yulen Pereira forgets that she is with her girlfriend and notices one of the girls who was close to them”, continues the former tronista of ‘ MyHyV’. “She had an attack of jealousy and mounted a chicken that left him white. They had their first discussion”, Mora concluded .

A scene that occurred in a week in which Pipi Estrada gave information that would reveal that Yulen is not so much for love with Anabel as for money.

As the commentator explained in ‘Sálvame Watermelon’, Yulen would be with the pantojita out of pure interest.

A relationship based on interest?
It all started with Pipi showing David Valdeperas his mobile phone last Thursday, where very compromising information appeared for Pereira, while María Patiño and Carmen Alcayde couldn’t believe it.

“What I am going to comment on can give a 180º turn to the gelatinous couple of Anabel and Yulen “, began Estrada .

“This happens in the Balearic Islands, in a restaurant in Menorca between four diners. A couple, Yulen and her cousin, ”continued the collaborator.

At the meeting, Yulen ‘s cousin would have said to him: ” Yulen , you have to stretch this matter a lot because it is an issue that has a lot of euros.”

” Yulen does not answer but nods to her cousin “, she added.

“ Be careful, Yulen is beginning to like this story. So much so that the sword keeps her away from her and what she wants are exclusives, ”concluded Pipi.

In addition, we must not forget that the day before, last Wednesday, some audios of Manuel Pereira , father Yulen , who were in this line, were leaked.

Although it seems that, at least for the moment, Anabel does not care that Yulen may be with her out of interest.

And it is that on Friday the couple was seen enjoying with their friends in Cádiz a delicacy based on prawns and whitebait.

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