Zendaya and Tom: One of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood

Zendaya and Tom Holland
Zendaya and Tom Holland

The two Spider-Man actors, Zendaya and Tom Holland, made their relationship official in 2021, although rumors about their story started circulating as early as 2017.

Beautiful, talented, successful, and always with their feet firmly on the ground, Tom and Zendaya seem to be perfect for each other. Despite this, however, the rumor of a possible separation between the two actors has become increasingly widespread in recent weeks.

The absence of Tom Holland on the red carpet of the Emmys 2022, an event in which Zendaya not only participated by parading on the red carpet but during which she also took home two statuettes thanks to her interpretation in the TV series “Euphoria” in the role of Rue.

The Relationship between Zendaya and Tom

Zendaya and Tom Holland
Zendaya and Tom Holland | LivNews24

Holland’s absence immediately made the most naughty ones turn up their noses who, on social media, began clamoring about where Tom was and, above all, why he wasn’t together with Zendaya on such an important evening for his girlfriend’s career (he became the first black woman to win an Emmy twice in a row for Best Actress in a Drama Series).

Well, no, none of that. In reality, there is no crisis between the two actors but simple (and previous) work commitments that have forced them to stay away for a few weeks.

The Spider-Man star actor (on whose set the relationship with Zendaya was born in 2017, although the two only came out in the open in 2021) is currently busy on the location of the new series for Apple TV + The Crowded Room, while the star by Euphoria is busy filming Dune: Part Two, shot in Budapest, Dubai, Jordan, and Italy.

No crisis, therefore, for Tom and Zendaya, who, after her Emmy victory, stated that the person she sent a message to was her boyfriend, revealing that the connection between the two proceeds.

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